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Season 4 – The Battles, Part 3

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Be Steal My Heart

Adam says the cutest thing just happened. Savannah did a cute little victory jump, and Jacqui saw that she did it and decided to do it to. "That pretty much describes the relationship," Savannah says, unintentionally bitchy. Adam calls Blake an oaf, and the next several moments are spent trying to explain what an oaf is to Shakira.

No one comments that the battle was not great. Savannah seems to have an edge. Blake chooses Savannah as the winner and Jacqui looks devastated. She doesn't even try to hide it. Jacqui is not stolen. Blake tweets on screen that he's building a Country army. You reading this, Blake? Hi!

After a whimsical "behind the scenes" moment of Usher teaching Blake how to dance a little less like a white guy (unsuccessfully), Team Shakira's second battle of the night is up. Shakira is pitting two of her black guys against each other, C. Perkins versus Kris Thomas. Kris is the guy who sounds like Whitney Houston, and C. Perkins works at a grocery store and got montaged over.

C. Perkins is adorable, completely star-struck in front of Shakira and Joel Madden. I think I like him better. Shakira chose "It Will Rain" for these two to sing. Kris is confident, and Joel remarks that everyone likes a guy with a girl voice. Shakira tells these two to keep all their inflections. She likes it all. C. Perkins is worried on through the final rehearsal.

As the battle begins, it's apparent that Kris's confidence is serving him. He's making all the right moves vocally. C. Perkins doesn't sound as good, a little more tentative. The song doesn't last very long, but it's clear she should choose Kris if she wants to go farther on the show.

Adam says the performance was a little bit all over the place from both of them, but they both did well. Blake says a whole lot of nothing, and slightly negs Shakira as a coach by saying they both have a lot more to show. Usher says he could help both of them, looking especially at C. Perkins I think. Carson asks Usher who he would pick and he says, "you'll see in a minute."

Shakira tells Kris that he has a privileged voice, but I think she meant it as a compliment. Shakira declares Kris the winner of the battle. Adam says, "nice," with 25% interest in the situation at all. C. Perkins thanks Shakira for everything, no one steals. Then, in a great moment of television, Usher pushes his button as C. Perkins walks by to say goodbye. Carson probably over-reacted to it, but it was a really touching moment.

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