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Season 4 – The Battles, Part 3

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Be Steal My Heart

Usher confesses he wants C. Perkins to remember what it feels like to want and to not receive. Adam compliments Usher on that move, because he considers himself the chief manipulator and was potentially out-psychopathed there.

Team Adam battles next with duo Midas Whale taking on the growly-voiced Patrick Dodd. Please Adam, choose Midas Whale. He chose "Burning Love" by Elvis, and Midas Whale is delighted to find that Patrick fits right in with them, they call their harmonies a sweet little Patrick sandwich. Hillary Scott says Patrick needs to project more if he doesn't want to blend in behind the duo.

Adam doesn't like the rendition in the final rehearsal, so he changes it to a more up-tempo bluegrass version. It works much better. Patrick says this shows that Adam is an expert, which I'm sure Adam loves, but it shows more that Adam is great with lots of musical genres rather than at coaching performers. He's no Usher, just sayin'.

As his contenders enter the ring, Adam gives a half-hearted pump of the fist, while sipping from a Starbucks cup. The battle is excellent, though. All the choices with the arrangement are spot on, and all three singers sound good. I'd choose Midas Whale, simply because they're more interesting than a gravelly-voiced white guy with dreads.

The performance gets a standing ovation, and high praise from the other coaches. Adam says this is the hardest decision he's had to make in four seasons, and that he wants to throw up. Adam says he is going to do what he can to help all three of them, but chooses Midas Whale as the winner(s), for their uniqueness and strangeness. Midas Whale is pleased, but bummed to lose Patrick.

The crowd starts chanting for a steal, and Patrick thanks Adam for what he has done. No one steals Patrick, because they're saving their steals for "something incredible." They also know they can't help Patrick, he's already good to go.

The final battle of the night comes from Team Usher. Orlando Dixon versus Ryan Innes. Orlando's family was more entertaining than Orlando, in my opinion, and Ryan got four chair turns but chose Usher. Usher decided to match them up because they can push each other to be more soulful and technical, respectively. Usher chose "Ain't No Sunshine," which is all about experiencing the emotion of the song. Ryan has a leg up on this one, as Pharrell suggests they behave as though she's really gone.

In the weird therapy couch sessions before the final rehearsal, Pharrell tells Orlando that he uses his voice as his shield. Orlando is reduced to tears, telling Usher and Pharrell that he's struggling. Ryan doesn't get as much televised therapy, because he only needs to work on the technical aspects. They both sound good in rehearsal.

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