The Voice
Season 4 – The Battles, Part 3

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Carla Sparks: B | 1 USERS: B+
Be Steal My Heart

Ryan is probably one of my favorites for the season. I really like watching him sing, and that factors into everything beyond the blind auditions. I don't know that this is the best song for Orlando, but they are turning it out together. The harmonies are thrilling, and the unison is on point. Carson calls it a "battle of epic proportions," in his own falsely enthusiastic way.

Shakira says she can't pick one. Adam says he would pick Orlando, because he is a revelation today. Blake likes Ryan. Carson asks Usher to think out loud for once. Usher muses, and Carson asks him to stop thinking out loud. Usher agonizes a bit longer before choosing Ryan Innes. Ryan's family goes wild in the audience. His dad looks like a football fan.

Orlando is available to steal, and so Adam steals him. Orlando's family's reaction is the best. No one should be within a three foot radius of Orlando's family reacting. Good choice, Adam. That fills up the steals, except on Team Usher. So he'd better shock the crap out of us in the next episode.

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