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Season 4 – The Blind Auditions, Part 3

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All Country Roads Lead to Blake

"Our next artist is hoping to be discovered ... again," Carson says of Sam Alves, who was dropped on his adopted parents' doorstep. Wow, Carson, way to bring it back to The Voice. Before the break, he said something about Sam "hoping to find a home on one of our coaches' teams." Sensitivity is not Carson's strong suit.

Maybe it's better to make light of it, though, because apparently in Brazil it's a "miracle" to find a 2-year old in a box on your doorstep with a note indicating the last time he ate. Sam shows Carson a scan of that note on a Sprint tablet, which is good for all sorts of things, I hear. But Sam's sad story doesn't end there. His parents divorced and Sam had to take care of his needy mom, or something. Anyway, Sam believes that everything happens for a reason, and other platitudes.

Sam gets into "Feeling Good" by Nina Simone or Michael Buble, however you prefer. Sam is good, but no one has turned around by the time the music picks up. Sam finishes his last note, and all he gets out of it was a chance to be exploited for his crazy story on national television.

Usher tells Sam that he has certain expectations for that song when he hears it, since it is so important to him. Usher is critical of himself singing it, and Sam Alves is not Usher. So, even though Sam speaks Portuguese, he will not be on this season. He chose the wrong song, and still believes everything happens for a reason.

The next artist is Karina Iglesias, a children's vocal teacher. She's a cool vocal teacher because she lets the kids learn Top 40 songs and over-sing "Clocks" by Coldplay. Karina's grandmother lost her singing voice when she had a stroke, and Karina assumes her grandmother will be happy to see her singing, instead of thinking "it should be me up there."

Karina's song, "I'm the Only One" by Melissa Etheridge, matches up with her appearance pretty well. In the chorus, Karina switches it up to Spanish just to gain some more cred with the coaches. Adam and Blake agree that Karina is good and should be "on somebody's team." Neither of them really wants her, though, so they agree to both push their buttons in the hopes that she will pick the other guy.

Shakira, having missed the Spanish part of the song, asks Karina if she's Latina. They speak in Spanish a bit, and the cutest subtitle was when Shakira said, "Oh, no! Why didn't I push my button? I want to die." The least cute part was when Blake was like, "WHAT? HUH? I'm just a country boy!" over and over again.

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