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Season 4 – The Blind Auditions, Part 3

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All Country Roads Lead to Blake

In frustration, Adam tells Shakira to shut up in Spanish. He compliments Karina, then lets Blake give some kind of backhanded compliment comparing Karina's singing to pressing on the gas pedal. Probably of a Chevy truck, or a Ford. Something American-made. I'm glad Karina got a good dig in at Blake's stupidity before picking Adam.

Our first returning contestant is up. Garrett Gardner did not get picked on Season 3, but took Blake's advice to link his phrasing better. Garrett did cry on stage last season, though, so maybe he won't have to this season?

Garrett sings "Seven Nation Army" much less impressively than Melanie Martinez did last season. Shakira did not witness Melanie singing it, so she pushes her button for Garrett's scream-growl. Shakira remains uncontested, and is happy about it. Garrett thanks her genuinely, which makes me root for him a bit more. Adam builds Shakira up a bit more as a coach so that Garrett will feel better about it.

In a montage, Shakira also gains an artist we will soon lose, named J'Sun. Yes, that's how he's spelling it. Not Jason. J'Sun. So I'm glad we didn't have to meet him. Duncan Kamakana, Hawaiian Folk Singer, went to Adam's team, and Usher stole Chelsea M from Blake.

Holly Tucker of Waco, TX sings next. She is not cool. She plays the alto saxophone. Her parents are strange looking. They used to be a triple act, but now Holly is striking out on her own. She will probably want to choose Blake. She chose an Adele/Bob Dylan/Garth Brooks song, though, for wider appeal. Adam, Shakira, and Usher turn around almost instantly. Blake, after some encouragement from Usher, joins the pack.

"Oh man, that is awesome!" Holly's weird, bangs-having dad says, long after anything of note has happened. Holly tells the coaches that she loves country music and wants that to come through in her voice no matter what she sings. Adam really wants to work with her, though. Usher tells her he will support her growth and be nurturing. Shakira does not make a very compelling argument.

Blake makes some arguments about country music this and that, and how it's not worth ruining Holly's career just to screw Blake over. Adam promises to wear cowboy boots. Holly handles it very graciously, but chooses Blake in the end.

Then Blake did that annoying impression of Usher's moves again.

On the list of people who won't be on varsity this year: Sonika Vaid, Shane Simon, and Joistarr. Hoping not to be on that list, is Landon Medvec. Landon is currently a mover. He wants to get out of it because moving is the worst, so every day is the worst for him.

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