The Voice
Season 4 – The Blind Auditions, Part 3

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All Country Roads Lead to Blake

Shakira tells Monique she is proud of her as a Latina, and impressed as a coach. The coaches all admit she should pick Shakira. Usher even takes a vote, and it's unanimous that Monique go to Shakira. She caves to peer pressure, but not without staring longingly into Usher's eyes first.

Oh no, the next singer is a Southern gentleman and a firefighter. Warren Stone, of South Carolina, must be pretty good because he isn't bringing an insurmountable tragedy to the show. I mean, he was touring with a band and got a divorce, but that's nothing compared to being left on a doorstep in a box.

Adam makes his bid early, really hoping to wrangle a country artist from Blake. Shakira joins in, and Blake hits his button in the last moment. Adam makes a case for trying something different, but Blake comes from a place of experience. Country music is a hard community to get into, and Blake is in the VIP lounge. Adam practically begs, Usher offers up that sometimes it's good to go outside one's comfort zone, but he really doesn't care. Warren chooses Adam, and we'll see what Adam does with that.

"Blake and Adam had this thing going on between them. Now that he's gotten that out of the way, they have other things to work out. Couples therapy is what I suggest," Usher quips to the camera, finally getting into the spirit of The Voice. Don't give in, Usher, we like you cool. Like Usher, we don't care what the score is. Only Carson is keeping track for his one-man Fantasy Voice league.

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