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Season 4 – The Knockouts, Part 1

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Carson calls Amy and Caroline "best friends," and Adam says he didn't know that, but that's the great thing about this show is that it creates life-long friendships. Ugh, whatever. Caroline will have to find a new friend on this show, as she wins this knockout and Amy goes home. BFF, Best Friends Forlikeasecond.

Oh god, Christina Milian pops in just briefly to remind us we'll be seeing a whole lot more of her than we'd like to come the live shows. For now, we can hate-watch all the Voice extra content online. If you get tired of YouTubeing Beyonce videos. Ha, like that will happen.

Shakira chooses Kris Thomas, next, to go against Mary Miranda. Another odd pairing. I hope Kris sings like a woman again, and that Mary sings something with at least a little English so that Blake won't try "I didn't understand a word of that but it sure sounded nice," for a third time. This is also a great opportunity to get up and get a snack.

Kris chose "What a Wonderful World" for his song. It's a little cloying, but that's sort of his style. I do like the way that Shakira calls Kris "an air and bee" singer (R&B). To my delight, Mary Miranda chose "Every Breath You Take" by The Police. She learned English listening to The Police and Def Leppard. Shakira is confused by Mary's song choice, and worried about her knowing the melody. I'm concerned about everyone thinking Kris is so great.

Kris sings "What a Wonderful World" well, as we all expect him to. Lots of embellishment, falsetto, like he assumes he will win the whole thing. Something about his personality just hasn't endeared him to me yet. Mary Miranda's pitch is a bit off when she starts off and has a couple wavering moments. This battle will go to Kris, just like he knew it would.

Adam finds himself enchanted by Mary's take on the bridge and her unexpected song choice, so he would go with her. Blake is surprised by this pairing because he expected these two to be Shakira's prize pets. Usher thought Mary's personality was missing from this performance and is still impressed with Kris's voice. Shakira thinks it might be hard for Mary to learn all the new songs this competition would require, so she chooses Kris Thomas as her knockout winner, allowing him to show a bit of his humble side.

Judith Hill sings next, and we just can't wait to hear her again. Orlando Dixon will be sent home by Judith next. Judith chooses "Always On My Mind" by Willie Nelson for her Knockout song. She's singing it for her grandmother, who passed recently. She is so good that Adam can't really coach her, he can just be glad she's on his team.

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