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Season 4 – The Knockouts, Part 1

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Sweet Teams Are Made of This

Warren chose "I Just Died in your Arms Tonight" by Cutting Crew for his song, and that is a very good choice to update or turn into a country song. Sarah chose "Wild Horses" by the Rolling Stones for her moment. Sarah is really getting into caftans on this show, it appears.

Warren sings first, and I am oddly captivated by his performance. It's very good, but his eyes are closed for the majority of it, which takes away from his connection to the audience. We need to feel like we matter and we exist, so this isn't winning Warren any points. Any Toddlers and Tiaras viewer can tell you that eye contact with the judges is crucial.

Sarah Simmons sing next, with her own mix of powerful and ethereal. She has a beautiful run leading into the chorus that makes Usher go, "whoo!" That is the harbinger of a win. Blake says they are both great, but he would give it to Sarah because she always lights the place on fire. Usher agrees that Sarah is remarkable and has a way with the audience. They would all give Sarah the win.

Adam compliments Warren for being "in it," but I think he was too in it. Adam mentions Miranda Lambert and Blake makes a big show of clapping for his wife. What an idiot. Adam goes with his gut and chooses Sarah. He's making almost all the right choices. Adam's team is all beautiful girls now.

The final Knockout Round of Team Shakira and the night is Sasha Allen versus Shawna P. These are two big voices. Sasha chose "At Last" by Etta James. The song is a bit overdone, and no one can do it like Beyonce. Have you seen her tour special? YouTube it. She is friends with the Obama family.

Sasha likes being on Shakira's team because it's a "woman thing" or something about emotions. Shawna chose "Maybe I'm Amazed" by Paul McCartney to bring out her emotional side. Shakira is worried that Shawna will start out at a ten and have nowhere to go. Shawna also makes some very musical faces when she's singing.

"At Last" fits Sasha very nicely. You can tell she loves singing it, and it sounds good on her. She ends it with a big note, that gets Shakira on her feet. Shawna's performance is also incredibly strong, but maybe not as riveting. Shawna really seems like she could do this on her own, without the show. Some artists just fit The Voice better, or it serves them better.

Everyone compliments both artists, and Usher notices very insightfully that Shawna might have added more runs to her performance after seeing Sasha's, but it's the grit of Shawna's voice that we enjoy. Shakira gives Sasha the win, and Sasha tells the cameras it's one of the best days ever. Shakira is left with a team dressed all in black and white, weirdly.

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