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Season 4 – The Knockouts, Part 2

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The Outknock Rounds

Josiah's rendition of "Back to Black" robs the song of any emotion or sincerity. There are also some pitch problems that pretty can't hide. Jess's melody is all over the place, but the heart is there, and I think Usher will give her the edge for that. Adam says they should have done each other's songs, and I agree with that. He points out that Jess had one moment that was "weird, and I know you know what I'm talking about."

Blake agrees with Adam that Josiah's performance was a bit calculated and he didn't bring what he should have to such a smoldering song. Everyone confesses that they prefer Jess. Usher shocks us again, choosing Josiah as the winner. Whaaaaaaaat. Get it together, guys. This is probably a smart strategic move, though, because all the ladies will love Josiah and there aren't a lot of guys in the competition so far.

Blake's next pairing is Holly Tucker versus Luke Edgemon. Holly had a four-chair turning audition. Her strategy is to keep dominating, and to sing "Live Like You Were Dying" by Tim McGraw. Blake is nothing but complimentary to her in rehearsals. I guess this means he will choose Luke as the winner because it's opposite day.

Luke chose Blake so he would stand out in the country army (or at least be the flag bearer). He also chose "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry to stand out. It really must be opposite day, or at least gender swap day. Everyone is singing songs by the opposite gender like it's innovative. Too bad everyone else thought of it.

Holly starts the round off with "Live Like You Were Dying," standing in the center of a giant fake boxing ring. She's a powerhouse, and if Blake doesn't pick her, he's crazy. Even Luke stands up and cheers for her from the corner of the ring.

Next, Luke puts his own weird, early-'90s Boyz II Men spin on "Teenage Dream." I don't know about this arrangement with all the porn guitar. It's a little tame and laid-back compared to Holly's performance. But Luke couldn't have known that's what he'd be up against.

"Don't be stupid," Adam shouts at Blake during Luke's applause, "I mean it this time." He didn't mean it all the other times, and asking Blake not to be stupid is like asking the sun not to rise. He's gotta be him. Usher loves R&B, but did not like Luke's take on "Teenage Dream." Shakira and Adam liked it. Shakira would give it to Luke. Adam glazes over his praise of Holly, then focuses on complimenting Luke's ability to make "Teenage Dream" work on this show. Adam says he would also choose Luke.

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