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Season 4 – The Knockouts, Part 2

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The Outknock Rounds

Grace chose "I Can't Stand the Rain" by Tina Turner to squeak and blodel (blountry, I think) up. Blake loves Grace's unique sound but advises her to make the words more coherent. The Swon Brothers chose a song that is not by Tom Petty. They chose "Drift Away." You can hear their words better, but I think I still prefer Grace because she's interesting and I like her hair.

Grace sounds awesome on "I Can't Stand the Rain." It's much less cutesy and squeaky than what we've seen her do before. I really like her now. The Swon Brothers are a good duo, and I'd like to see a duo move into the live shows. There's not much to complain about with these two.

Usher thinks Grace's guitar might have been a distraction as her performance was a little loose, but he loves her vibe. Usher adds that the Swon Brothers moved the audience and he wishes that Colton had sung a bit more. He'd give it to the Brothers Swon. Shakira would go for Grace, for the flavor. Adam is still a douchebag.

Blake has another hard time making a decision, maybe for real this time, but chooses The Swon Brothers in the end because "I can get a better grip on what's happening" with them. Poor Grace, eliminated because of a simple coach. So Blake's team is five strong with country singers.

Usher's final two singers are the difficult Cathia and adorable Ryan Innes. Cathia chose a song in English, "Mr. Know it All" by Kelly Clarkson. Not a great song, but it is by the original singing competition winner. Ryan chose "I Don't Want to Be" by Gavin DeGraw. He wants to show that "rock soul." Usher suggests Ryan find something to do with his hands.

Cathia sings first and this song isn't the best fit for her. It's weird when artists who are used to singing in Spanish (and who we're used to singing songs in Spanish) sings in English for the first time. It's a little stagey, and Cathia forces several big high notes in for good measure.

Ryan brings the final performance of the night. It's not my favorite song for Ryan, either. He can't always sing about being jilted, but I don't know that I'm excited about this artist he doesn't want to be anything other than. If I were Usher, I'd choose neither of them and swap out Grace or Luke.

The judges say it's a close one, and Usher chooses Cathia in the end. Ughhhhh noooooo. I wonder who the Vote for the Worst pick will be this season.

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