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All the contestants are lined up now, Vin Diesel is on the edge of his seat. He loves this show, I don't know if you remember. The first two artists voted through are Team Blake's Danielle Bradbery, who was smiling the whole time, and Judith Hill from Team Adam. I agree with both these choices.

Now, Danielle, Holly, and the Swon Brothers take the stage to sing "Mountain Music." It's funny, you'd think this was the exact same song they sang last week. Like, is it? I'd have to ask Vin Diesel, he has all the episodes on his iPad for his viewing pleasure whenever he wants. Danielle is getting more confident each week, you can tell. She has a better idea of where to look now. Holly and the brothers sound fine, too.

The rest of the contestants are promenaded back out on stage to hear some more results. First, Carson asks Amber how she feels having given music up for a while for her mom, who died. How is Amber supposed to answer that? It's really more of a statement phrased as a question. No time to worry about that, let's hear some results. Michelle Chamuel from Team Usher is safe, along with Sasha Allen from Team Shakira.

For the first time this season, Usher joins his team for a performance. His team is just Josiah and Michelle now, but it's still cool. They are singing "The Look of Love," dressed all in black with a faux lounge setup complete with patrons and a white string bass. Usher is spectacular in this performance, of course, and I appreciate that he didn't make it all about him like Adam did last week. Usher and Michelle sound great together. Josiah can go scratch.

Christina Milian may be at the top of the studio in that Skybox, but she is not at the top of her game. She calls Sasha and Danielle "Michelle," and trips over her words a bit trying to ask them the simple question of what they want to say to all those people who voted for them. Spoiler alert: Danielle wants to say thank you. Somewhere in the crowd, Vin Diesel is shouting "you're welcome."

Next we discover that Sarah Simmons of Team Adam is safe. Sarah awkwardly shuffles off in this week's version of a caftan she's dressed in.

With "I Got the Music in Me," Sarah, Judith, and Amber from Team Adam perform. I like their outfits and the Supremes feel they're performing with. My favorite part is that Adam Levine is not involved. He has quite the talented team, though, and it seems like they like each other. Christina Milian always likes to see that.

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