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No Shave, November, No Problem

Josh Logan is wearing a black suit and a black fedora, guitarless before us. I do not like this version of the song at all. It does nothing for his voice, and it's breathy enough to fog up that view of the man in the mirror, you know what I'm saying? The arrangement goes to the key change far too soon, because it's so abbreviated. I wonder if any of the backup singers on this show have ever thought about auditioning for the show.

Carson, who does not watch the clip packages very closely, asks Christina if Josh did a good job "being a little more soulful, a little less technical," and I thought the point of this performance was to connect more to the audience but also not to get too saucy. Christina, who is wearing an off-putting nude lipstick tonight, says she loved it all and it showcased him perfectly. Adam then takes the opportunity to talk about how much he loves that song and when he did it on Season 1 with Javier Colon. Stop reminiscing, grandpa. I was really hoping Adam would be more critical. Cee Lo says Josh continues to impress him and Blake says this performance will keep Josh on top. Not this placement, though.

Over the course of a commercial break, Carson has run up to the skybox for no reason at all. He is joined by Matt Lauer and a barrage of tweets. They talk about #NoShaveNovember and #Movember to raise attention to men's health issues. Blake is also participating, and Adam is yelling that Carson looked lonely in the skybox, which is not relevant to men's health issues. Carson says facial hair is in this year and some of the artists have it, there's even a Twitter account about Voice Beards and that could mean so many things.

James Wolpert, who does not have facial hair, sings next. Adam says he's riding a big wave right now, and they plan to continue that wave with "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers for his range's sweet spot and theatrical style. James was in a band in high school. Who cares? Adam predicts that everyone will love this performance. This puts me on the immediate defensive. We'll see about that, Adam.

There are only two right ways to sing a Killers song. One is in an over-dramatic imitation of The Killers, and the other is to go in the opposite direction a la Caroline Pennell. James is singing it "in the style of" The Killers, but not doing enough original things or staying on pitch as he climbs up those stairs. Once he gets to the top of the stairs, James nails his big note. I don't think he connects with the audience very well, this one.

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