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No Shave, November, No Problem

Adam calls it a "controlled and blistering performance" and says James "turned into a rock star in front of our very eyes." That is a bit over-enthusiastic. I'm more on the level of Christina, who is not shitting herself or anything, and called it "really nice," with a few thoughtful critiques.

Austin Jenckes is next to perform, and Blake has him singing a country song. He'll be singing "It's a Great Day to Be Alive" by Travis Tritt. I'm not familiar, but I guess I'm about to be. Austin is not only wearing a fedora and his beard, but now he's got some hip glasses to top it all off. Speaking of hip glasses, I cannot fathom that Preston Pohl isn't still in this. I like Austin well enough, but I think this is another bland performance. I'm not going to remember it by the time the results show rolls around. I also prefer Cole Vosbury to Austin Jenckes, while they're both still in this.

Blake says Austin has not had a misstep yet, and he's hoping that the country fanbase will embrace him. The thing about country fans is that once they embrace someone they don't need that person to stay country, they're cool like that. Blake also says that everyone who meets Austin wants to sit down and have a beer with him. Cee Lo doubts the verity of this statement, but is dressed for the starring role in the action comedy "Black Rabbi" so does it matter? Adam says Cee Lo looks like Zorro. Christina says Austin's performance just felt good.

Jacquie Lee, the youngest artist in the competition still, performs next. I like Jacquie, and I think she is successfully memorable every time. This week she's singing "Love is Blindness" by Jack White to prove that she can be edgy and current, but not before telling Christina that the first song she ever tried to perform was "Reflection" from Mulan. Christina nods through a thin veneer of patience. You and every other nobody, Christina thought to herself.

It's good for Jacquie to play up her whole Amy Winehouse, Lana Del Ray torchy vibe. This song sounds like it could go over some credits to a Bond movie. The thing about Jacquie that's lacking is artistry. She's just doing what Christina tells her to do and what she has heard other artists do, down to her stylistic choices.

Christina says Jacquie set the stage on fire and she has such vocal depth. Adam says Jacquie continues to impress all of them and the song is very mature but Jacquie's voice cuts through. Cee Lo says he gets lost in Jacquie's performances and he wants to download that performance. Jacquie's cheering for herself and dorky dancing while Carson is telling us how to vote makes me like her less.

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