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No Shave, November, No Problem

Cole Vosbury is next and we are supposed to be surprised that he has chosen an R&B song but people can do whatever they want last I checked. Oh shit, Cole's sister died when she was 17 in a car accident. Between this and that Kohl's commercial where they decorate the old lady's apartment I just can't take it. Cole is singing "Adorn" by Miguel and regardless of how it goes he gets a buy this week.

Cole is without his guitar and hat this week, because Josh Logan and Austin Jenckes stole all the accessories out of the pile this week. I love Cole, though, and I love this version of "Adorn." The coaches give him a standing ovation, and it's worthy. Everyone marvels at Cole and Cee Lo says one of Blake's black friends helped him pick the song.

I don't care where he is on the lineup, I still don't care much for Will Champlin. Adam says Will is on an upward trajectory but still hasn't had his "moment," so this is his time. That's why Adam chose "Demons" by Imagine Dragons. Will relates to it because he has questioned whether or not to pursue music. Bleh. Will, who won't make eye contact with anything still, performs the whole song pretty much with his eyes closed except when he has to move and not fall off the stage. I don't think this is his moment. He has some major breath control issues and Matthew and Cole were much better. Adam tells Will that he loves music, too, and you have to love it too much, and voting is open. Oh and thanks for serving our country, veterans. Namaste.

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