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Season 5, Top 6 Live Eliminations

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It Came Upon a Midnight Tweet

Carson comes out after saying, "wow I enjoyed that way more than I would ever admit on live television." Why would you even say that, Carson? Whatever. He asks Will what the most important thing Adam has taught him is. Will says it's to be original and put himself in every song but still stay true to the original song. I never realized Will has an accent. Weird. The next artist safe is "Tessanne Chin from Jamaica."

Before Carson opens up the information superhighway to Twitter, the Top 6 deliver a "special holiday performance." Oh yes, that's not-subtle code for a medley. James, who Adam tells us is sick, sounds terrible. I mean, really, they are all having pitch problems. Does the birth of Christ not matter to them? Kinda seems like it doesn't, otherwise they would honor it by being in tune. The backup singers sound really good, and Christina looks pretty as she dazedly sings along. It's just cloying enough, all together.

Carson has a quick question for Matthew Schuler next, and it's a pretty open one. What would he like to say to his family tonight? Matthew thanks them and shares that he loves his family. Cool, glad we got to find that out. The final artist safe from the vitriol of Twitter is Will Champlain. OK, whatever. I'll accept it. Here's hoping James is out to recover this week.

Adam keeps making excuses for James and implores the Twittersphere to save him because he is so good in rehearsal and he's gonna be a better coach, a better man even! Also, coke machines in the locker rooms! Christina states her case, really going political and asking the viewers to remember "Hallelujah" yet again. We can't keep harping on that one time, though.

With moments left in the instant save, Carson asks Blake, who doesn't have a horse in this race, who he thinks will get the save. Blake says he's seeing a whole lotta James on there. But Blake says every time he predicts it he's wrong, so he'll guess Matthew. Cee Lo thinks it will be a fair fight. But someone is about to lose this fight. Carson says they've both had an incredible season on the show, but the artist moving forward is a very ill James Wolpert. He's delighted, as is Adam. Christina is flabbergasted. Not feeling so jaunty anymore, are we, Christina?

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