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Steal Crazy After All These Years

The tickle battle ends and Usher kicks off the feedback, telling Noah that his performance was too lounge and too "show guy." Noah takes this as a compliment, from what I can tell. Usher gets tripped up by saying that Michael Buble has a sexiness to him (that Noah lacked) and Noah is like, "yeah, he's a ssssexy guy," with those damn sugar eyes and that seventh grade haircut. Usher says Kaleigh's voice is unique and he wants to hear more of his tone. You can tell Usher wants Kaleigh, and it's clear that's why he gives it to Noah. Adam says the chips were stacked against Kaleigh but even so he would have chosen her. Blake says Kaleigh has an instinct to think of notes to sing that you can't teach people. To my non-surprise, Blake chooses Kaleigh as the winner. Noah hugs her too close and I bet it was clammy.

Noah promises us he will keep plugging away, then lopes off into the sunset lounge. Some battles got montaged over but Blake chose Ryan Maloney over that girl who was related to Tanya Tucker. Adam chose Christina Grimmy (sp?) over a guy named Joshua. Apparently she's a YouTube sensation. To my great disappointment, my favorite Reba song "Turn On the Radio" got montaged over in the Team Shakira battle between Kristin Merlin and Lindsay Bruce, which Kristin won. I like her.

The final battle pairing is between Cierra Mickens and Emily B. I vaguely remember these two and even though I remember liking them, I'm sad that the final battle is inconsequential as there's also a final steal waiting to happen. So one person will stay on Team Shakira and one will go to Team Usher. We could have used this time to see the battle "Turn On the Radio" and maybe build out the suspense a little more. Even if it ended with no steals remaining, at least there would be some suspense. Am I asking too much, Carson?

Cierra is from Alaska and I remember just loving her when she sang "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley. Emily B. had that rare syndrome that her eye doctor found that required brain surgery and I've been meaning to see my eye doctor ever since because now I'm terrified of having it. Thanks a lot, Emily B. Usher fought hard for both of these artists, so I'm not shocked that they'll be getting that steal.

Shakira paired these two soulful ladies together to sing "Brave" by Sara Bareilles. It's a decent song, but not a particularly soulful one. Shakira is not great at cover song choice. Shakira encourages them to mix up the melody, perhaps beyond recognition. I'm grumpy about the direction this is taking. In the final rehearsal Shakira encourages them to finish out their notes and do more singing than screaming. After her critique, the duet sounds much better.

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