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Season 6, The Battles Continue

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Steal Crazy After All These Years

For the battle, Cierra and Emily B. exit the Kia Sorento to take a long walk and think about the battles they have faced in their lives. Emily thinks that battling brain surgery has helped prepare her for this and if that's the only payout she gets I would call brain surgery a total preparedness ripoff.

Shakira really messed with the arrangement of the song and now it sounds weird. The whole thing about that song is the peppy piano behind it, and she took that out. I disapprove. Overall, Cierra comes across as more sincere than Emily B. The arrangement is almost too distracting and overall the battle feels a little lackluster. Both ladies are good singers, for sure.

Adam says it was a bold song choice and while the ending of the battle was good, parts leading up to it were problematic. Adam says he would go with Cierra for her good last note. Blake says Emily had a power moment just before that and so he would give it to her. Usher says it was a great effort on both parts and wouldn't choose. Shakira says she loves Cierra's voice but also loves Emily's determination. Their mistakes were the same mistakes, so it's hard to make a choice. Eventually, she chooses Emily B. and I'm really pleased to see Cierra end up on Team Usher where she belongs. Usher pushes his button at the last moment and her reaction made me feel my tiny, ice-coated heart beat a little. Cierra's parents also go crazy and it is fun to watch.

OK, so I like the Battles, maybe they're my favorite part, but is this show really going to put us through a second round of them before the Knockouts? I don't know if I'm down with that. What is the point of it? Their opponents will be "a surprise," and then they have to choose a song together to battle to. They will only have one mentor for the lot of them—Chris Martin from Coldplay. Ugh, who cares? What is this? Oh, and of course much of this will be rendered meaningless by each coach having one more steal. Garbage, all of it.

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