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Adam speaks quickly and thinks Trevin is great. Christina remembers when she used to sing that song, but carefully admits she never sang it as well as that. I bet you did, though, C. Let's be real.

Before Nicholas David can thank-you-bow to us any more times, let's check in with Howie Mandel, who has a new shitty game show premiering for all of six days and twelve million dollars. The show is called Take It All and could not be more vague or confusing. I hope Howie understands it, as he will be hosting it on NBC for the next 6 days. As much as I hate Howie Mandel and everything he stands for, I have to admit that him wearing Cee Lo's exact outfit is a hilarious gag. I do not like that he pointed it out. Leave it to Howie.

Nicholas David visits his home in St. Paul, Minnesota, where he left his wife to close on a house all on her own. Next, NBC follows Nicholas and his wife to the doctor to hear the baby's heartbeat. Next stop: Mall of America. They give him some bullshit "key to the city," which nobody would really want and then Nicholas stops by an old venue where he used to perform. Full donut.

Nicholas David wisely dedicates his song to his family and, even more wisely, sings "You Are So Beautiful." This song is still good and a good fit for Nicholas, and doesn't end up on every inspiration-themed performance show. Nicholas also looks like way less of a joke this evening, just when we're ready to take him seriously. He conditioned his hair and his beard and I want him to win. We need the next generation of great white soul singers like Hall & Oates to keep things going. It's a touching performance and Nicholas demonstrated genuine emotion.

Nicholas sits down in a chair and requests of Carson that he can "do it from here if that's cool." Adam says Nicholas is one of the most soulful people he has ever met. Adam likes his music and him. Cee Lo tells Nicholas, truthfully, that he looks very handsome. Cee Lo admits that they had some disagreements about which direction this should take, but hopes Nicholas sees it was the right way to go. Nicholas agrees and we'll never know what the other direction was. We don't hear from Christina or Blake.

Up next, it's a special holiday performance from Team Yeehaw. How did that Blake Shelton Bullshit Christmas special go, by the way? Did anyone watch it? I thought I might, but then realized I would rather do anything else than watch Blake Shelton slowly get hit in the nuts by a reindeer.

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