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But first, Christina Milian interviews Michael Bublé in the Sprint Skybox. Thank God. We all want to know what fake gift Michael Bublé "got" Blake for Christmas. Oh, it's a Snuggie, vodka and an appearance on his Christmas special to punch him in the nuts. Next Christina Milian asks Michael Bublé about Cassadee Pope and Terry McDermott, and guess what? He pretended to remember them. Couldn't give any specifics, though. What a guy.

Thanks to Starbucks, Blake got to reunite with his enormous team of mostly losers. They all have to sing on his very first Christmas album. Blake says they're singing "White Christmas" as a heaving lump so that they can always be connected and always share the holidays together. How "awesome," Cassadee says.

Blake is so blessed to end up with sixteen awesome vocalists who managed to blend for the sake of this album. Now we have to listen to them sing it with Blake live. The country version of "White Christmas": the gift you never knew you wanted and can now be sure you didn't. Blake sings right into those hard country R's and his team sways gently in the background, before singing the chorus into fifteen microphones that aren't turned on. I say fifteen because Gracia had to share a microphone, probably with the person she beat in a Battle Round.

Cassadee Pope returns to Florida next. Ugh, Florida. She was surprised to see her supportive boyfriend and it kind of seemed like she ignored him. I wonder if he is a former member of "Hey Monday." She visited the local radio station, then performed "Torn" by Natalie Imbruglia for the Florida masses.

Singing a song "hand-picked by Blake" for no one in particular, Cassadee Pope performs "Stupid Boy." This is a country song, isn't it? If Blake picked it, it is. Cassadee is wearing a full-length gown this time. I'll admit, she sounds better than she has ever before to me. I reluctantly concede that she is improving and could enjoy a degree of commercial success. That hair is just so Florida, though.

Christina tells Cassadee that sometimes her voice is so right on that it sounds auto-tuned. It doesn't sound like a compliment, but I think it is one, as Christina tells Cassadee that many artists wish they could perform live like her. Blake is more concerned about the blogs and the Internet and what people will think of him/his Christmas album, so spends most of his time defending his choice of another country song. It's because Cassadee can connect to lyrics, and country songs have the best lyrics, obviously.

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