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The final performance of the night comes from Scottish rocker Terry McDermott. There's no way NBC is sending him back to Scotland (if that is his real home), so he's going to New Orleans. His home visit was a surprise to his extremely eloquent young son. Someone make that kid a star. Terry donates a jacket to the New Orleans Hard Rock Café and then his parents surprise him from Scotland. Terry's mom revealing that they have the same haircut, the most popular haircut in Scotland, makes this clip package probably the best one of the night.

Carson declares Terry's song "one of the most loved songs that unifies us all," then introduces Terry singing "Let It Be." OK, yes, but I guess this one is also not for anyone in particular? Only Team Cee Lo had that assignment? Someone explain this show to me, and why Trevin Hunte sang "Wind Beneath My Wings." Or should I just accept the musical force that unifies us all and let it be?

I like Terry and he is the cover king of my heart, but I'd rather see Nicholas David and Cee Lo win this season. The performance is very good, of course, because Terry is very much in his wheelhouse. Carson rushes the coaches through their feedback because Blake Shelton sang "White Christmas" unexpectedly slow. I appreciate that Adam calls The Voice "just a silly TV show" and am not sure about Blake calling his own act's performance "musical perfection," as he has thrown that word around quite a bit this season.

Now it's up to us, and I am worried for Trevin Hunte, because his is the iTunes single I would least like to own this week. Like I need another version of "Wind Beneath My Wings" in that folder? Not with my $1.29.

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