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Blake was unaware that Tony was on the Mickey Mouse Club, Christina name drops and Blake thinks Chris rocks. Christina tries to make up for her idiocy by saying Tony, at which point Tony's daughter starts babbling. Who miked the baby? Cee Lo also picks Tony. Adam waffles a lot. Didn't they have the guest helpers throw their two cents in last season? I swear that was a thing. Carson impatiently holds both guys hands while waiting to lift one up like a boxing referee, he takes this job so seriously. Adam finally picks Tony, and Chris is very respectful about the whole thing.

Blake's up. He addresses his group at some outdoor location. His first pairing is Adley Stump (she who only started singing 10 months ago) vs. RaeLynn (tiny little Miranda Lambert fan) on Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'"... because that song hasn't been covered a million times before. Now it is going to be done by two country girls.

They are off to rehearse in a barn somewhere. Blake tries to sing, and his voice cracks while he's doing it. Great way to show you are a pro. RaeLynn freaks the fuck out when she sees that Miranda Lambert is going to help her. Her voice reaches dog whistle octaves, and her stupid flower nearly falls out of her head. Miranda reminds us that she was on Nashville Star, and says that Blake thinks RaeLynn is her mini-me. While they rehearse, Miranda's voice does not crack, in case you care. They both tell her she shouldn't panic about her competition and just do her best and be herself. There's a strange interview segment with her where she's not wearing a flower. She looks weird.

Adley runs and hugs Kelly Clarkson when she sees her. That's probably the reaction that I would have too. Kelly just seems like a huggable human being. Adley is shaking because she's nervous about performing in front of people she admires. Kelly tells Adley to tone it down a little and show the world she can do soft and sweet and not just power house.

RaeLynn is driving in a Kia, though I don't buy she's really driving, and she gets a message from Miranda to wish her luck. These embedded commercials need to try harder. RaeLynn is wearing an iridescent purple dress. Well, if she gets eliminated, she can totally wear this to prom. She looks very cute, while Adley is dressed in a sparkly shirt that may want to be a dress (it isn't, since it barely covers her ass) and she's following the higher the hair, the closer to God principle. And then they start singing, and RaeLynn sounds terrible. Really awful, like she can't find the key and starts out on a bad note. Adley by comparison sounds pretty good, but honestly, if she were paired against someone else she'd be in trouble.

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