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Christina says Adley has cheerleading lungs, and says that she was stronger and more confident. Cee Lo thinks RaeLynn is adorable, but gives her the mature your vocals speech and votes for Adley. Adam, who is wearing a Mister Rogers houndstooth sweater, says that he likes RaeLynn's uniqueness. Blake says they both did a good job, and rambles about country singers selling a story, before he picks RaeLynn. Carson isn't holding on to their hands. Either he's afraid of women (possible) or someone told him to chill out with the boxing stuff, but he does help RaeLynn give a little proud fist pump before she's whisked off to a backroom to get hugs from her parents. I still think Blake made a terrible decision. Cute doesn't sell records.

Christina's battle round is on. Chris Mann is up against Monique Benabou. Monique freaks out because Chris has training, and they are doing power ballad "Power of Love" (the Celine Dion one, not the Huey Lewis one... I always get more excited than I should when I hear the title). Chris, you may or may not remember, is the operatic singer and Monique does straight up pop music. I wouldn't blame you if you'd blocked that from your brain.

During the first rehearsal, Chris doesn't want to hold back and gets going with his belty Josh Groban self. Monique says she can't read music and lacks any formal experience, but she hits a pretty great high note. "The next day," Chris performs with Lionel Richie, and his voice starts breaking. They don't want him to get too much into his brain, as he freaks himself out because he's a crazy perfectionist. Monique gets to work with Jewel, she's very excited. Jewel gets suckered into using some product placed phone to watch Monique's blind audition. She gives advice on breath control. Jewel seems to know about Chris and his perfectionism, so it's unclear if she's seen the auditions or not. The whole timeline here is really screwing with my brain. During the dress rehearsal, Monique starts tearing up because she's just so moved by this stupid song.

Will she squeeze out tears for the actual performance? I don't know, but she is going to show off an insane amount of cleavage in a low-cut red dress. They both do a solid job, but things get really awkward when they try and have a tender moment at the end. They may duet OK, but they have zero chemistry. Without any deliberation, Cee Lo picks Chris, Adam also goes with his gut and says Chris. Blake dares to be different and likes that Monique pushed it. Christina goes back and forth for a while and ends up with obvious choice Chris. Also, Christina seems to be wearing a glittery 45 record on top of her head for no real reason at all. Are stupid headbands on trend, or just some X-tina quirk?

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