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Cee Lo pits Chessa against Angie Johnson, and they are doing "Total Eclipse of the Heart." Back in the blind auditions, Chessa is trying to help out her family and sang "If I Was a Boy," Angie was the military gal who sang for the troops. They go to an apartment somewhere to run through the song. They keep putting the song up a step to one up each other. Chessa has a loud voice, but worries that if it goes too high it is going to be out of her range. Well, you shouldn't have started something if you couldn't finish it. This is a battle round, and you are going against a person who has fought in an actual war.

Chessa gets help from Babyface. Cee Lo is doing his interviews in enormous fuchsia pajamas, and without his cat. Dislike. Angie's advisor is Ne-Yo, and he's so damned cute, even more so when he starts dueting with Angie. He likes that she can do soft and gentle and belt, so she's the total package if she brings it on stage. They start talking in military terms about her plan of action.

I'm in love with Angie's asymmetrical dress with silver piping. Keep seeing those commercials for Fashion Star and how you can buy stuff the next day, could I do that here instead? Just tell me where I can buy that. Not so much with Chessa's shirt, that makes it look like she has sparkly chest hair. Angie really kicks it up once she gets to the "every now and then I fall apart." Seems like Chessa really gets that big flashy notes though, but Angie's got the prettier overall voice.

Adam said he was confused because they were both great at different times. He even curses because he can't decide. He leans toward Chessa. Blake goes with Angie because she has more clarity and diction. Christina liked these two as a match up, but gives it to Angie because she got better as it went along. Chessa looks like she's half asleep, which might mean that she's perfect for team Cee Lo. Cee Lo thinks so too, and gives it to her. Even when she wins she can barely open her damned eyes. That's really going to bug me. Carson, who took credit for discovering her during the blind auditions (because he knows how to use YouTube) thanks Angie for her performance and service to our country.

This whole battle round is good as far as these singing competitions go, but it's got to suck for the performers. What if you were someone who had all the judges spin their chairs, and you picked someone and then were ousted because you had to face off against someone strong? It doesn't seem like the judges, at least this year, are pitting the strong against the weak to cull the herd. It appears to be pretty equal footing, which either means we've got a generally better batch of contestants this year, or there are going to be some really sucky rounds with mediocre people coming up.

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