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Onward to Blake's team again. Did we skip Adam? Is there no rhyme or reason to this show? That's probably asking too much. Anyway, next up for Team Shelton are Jordis Unga (who I loved doing "Baby, I'm Amazed") and Brian Fuente (who I've forgotten) who will be performing Alanis's "Ironic." See, now this would be fun if the advisors were in the audience, because I'd love to see Alanis face when Blake's so-called rockers cover her song. Actually, I wonder if all of the advisors will have a song covered, so they can get some extra royalties for being on the show? Blake, who fumbles in an interview with devil horns and makes the "I Love You" sign instead, thinks that "Ironic" is a rock song, which I was going to say is ironic, but it is more just hysterically awful. He's really just a country boy to the core. Let's hope he doesn't try and sing along with his contestants during this rehearsal.

Brian tries hard to embellish the song, and claims that he's worried because the song is for a female vocalist. Has he heard this song? Alanis isn't exactly a soprano. Brian grins from ear-to-ear when he meets with Kelly Clarkson, who has the cutest accent around Blake. Can we put her and Ne-Yo together for some happy smile time? Just for me? They say that Brian can't be timid, or Jordis will eat him alive. While it is a song for a woman, Jordis is struggling a lot trying to hit the notes. She has a little fireside chat (for real) with Blake and Miranda, about what they are looking for. More not-subtle product placement with Miranda holding a giant Starbucks mug. How come all of this ad work falls to Miranda? Will she just help the show shill for anything to keep her husband gainfully employed? That's a devoted wife. Blake and Miranda tell her not to worry about the outcome, just being in the moment. It seems to fall on deaf ears.

Carson should never announce for WWE, as even hyped up, he's still way too muted. They start singing, and Jordis gets an advantage by getting the first verse and pretty much nailing it. Well, if screaming it is nailing it, which in Blake's idea of rock it probably is. I actually like Brian here more, but he's way too subtle, and that's not going to help him at this point. Christina thought they were both shakey, but gives it to Jordis. Cee Lo likes that they both really felt it (Jordis was crying) but thinks that Brian was aggressive. What performance was Cee Lo watching? Did he have his eyes closed behind those sunglasses? Adam goes to Jordis. Blake wants a rocker on his team and he normally looks to Adam as an example of that. He rambles forever, and gives it to Jordis in her insanely short skirt. Backstage Jordis says she thought for sure she was going home.

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