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Team Christina's next battle is between Anthony Evans (the son of a preacher man) and Jesse Campbell (the single dad who was homeless). They are doing Alicia Keys' "If I Ain't Got U," as Jesse says only one of these similar voices can represent the team. See, why? Why can't you have two good voices that are alike on your team? Wouldn't you want the best people, regardless of their voice? Anthony looks like a deer in headlights during the rehearsal as he hears Jesse sing.

Jesse gets Lionel Richie, who weirdly sits with his back to the people as they enter. Like, "Surprise, it's me you are looking for." It's weird. He advises Jesse not to just overpower Anthony, but to take his time and make it beautiful. Anthony and Jewel sing together, and then Christina and Jewel start nicely fighting about holding a note vs. doing pointless runs.

The guys face off, and there isn't all the bling of the earlier female heavy rounds --- just gray suits, though Anthony seems to be wearing a sweatshirt under his jacket. They actually work very well together, and they both like pointing for some reason. At the end it just turns into a belt/run off, I'm sure Jewel will be so thrilled. They get a standing ovation from Adam. Christina looks like she's having a hot flash. Cee Lo says they were both stellar and doesn't give an answer. Adam is glad he's not in Christina's shoes. He goes with Jesse because he wanted him during the blind auditions, but he's reluctant to choose. Blake starts cursing up a storm about the way that Jesse sang the word "baby." Christina waffles and thinks that they were incredible teamed up, and she's so attached to both of them. She finally picks Jesse, and his daughter is really happy about it. Anthony says he has no regrets, except for maybe wearing that stupid zippered sweatshirt on national TV.

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