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The Battle of Long Runs

Nicholas is hilarious. I like his look, his personality and the fact that he sings like Bill Withers. He is looking at this as "a wonderful experience," and is sad that he's competing against Todd. He let his hair down for the battle, which can only help.

I like both these guys, but I think we're rooting more for Nicholas because we've really glossed over Todd so far on the show. Nicholas sounds a lot more soulful, and Todd sounds cleaner, and sunnier. Todd's performance picked up after the first chorus, though, which sounded just sick (in the good way). To sum up the battle, Nicholas had his eyes closed the whole time and Todd kept his open, bordering on creepy.

Adam says Nicholas's voice is unique and profoundly different; Blake says Todd is in the upper percentile of great vocalists but there's nobody else like Nicholas, who looks like Jesus but sounds like Barry White, Hall, and Oates. Cee Lo says this is a tough decision, but he gives it to Nicholas because he has to. I want Nicholas to win this whole show.

Todd says he's not going home broken-hearted, but he is going home. No one steals Todd, and it's too bad because he's a good singer. No one can take on Nicholas if you're singing soul.

Team Blake hosts the next battle: Lelia Broussard versus Suzanna Choffel. I don't really remember Lelia, so she must have happened in a montage. Suzanna sounds like Stevie Nicks, and Adam wanted her on his team. Blake calls this an obvious battle pairing, then had to prove that he knows who Florence + the Machine are by choosing "Dog Days Are Over." You know he just saw that YouTube video of the baby dancing in the car, though.

Suzanna gets nervous about technicalities in rehearsal, and because the whole thing was a Lelia lovefest in there. This is a tough song for her, and an easier one for Lelia. She talks to Blake about it the next day, but it's becoming clearer that Blake is only a good country coach, and not the best coach in general. In the final rehearsal, Lelia struggles with some pitch issues, and Suzanna struggles with multiple vocality disorder.

For the Battle, Suzanna donned her longest, flowiest dress in the spirit of Florence Welch. Lelia wore basic black because we don't really know her yet. The battle is entertaining. Lelia and Suzanna both prove worthy opponents. There were a couple pitch issues, but no clear winner or loser. Christina thought it was a great match, Cee Lo agreed, and Adam wants to steal Suzanna. Blake says he's obsessed with watching Lelia perform, and Suzanna is a bit of a chameleon. He declares Suzanna the winner, perhaps just to piss off Adam.

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