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The Battle of Long Runs

The judges eyed each other like they might steal Lelia, but they didn't because she got montaged in the auditions and Adam is saving his last Steal for marriage.

I don't remember Joselyn Rivera or Sylvia Yacoub by their over-processed Voice photos, but they're going head to head. Oh, that's right, Sylvia is from Egypt, and Joselyn made something out of that bad Kelly Clarkson song. In rehearsal, Joselyn notes that Sylvia's voice is powerful and her years of experience show. Did she just call Sylvia old? Oh no she di-n't.

Christina proves, yet again, a surprisingly good coach. She gives good feedback; not that Joselyn really heard it. Joselyn has a softer voice, but I think she might also be a bitch. She said that Sylvia was doing a lot with her strong voice and "sometimes it can be a little annoying." What annoys you about that, Joselyn? The fact that you aren't as loud? I don't really care about either of them, so I guess I'll root for Sylvia since she seems more self-aware.

The Battle of "Best Thing I Never Had" by Beyonce begins, and Joselyn is surprisingly good in it. Sylvia is over-doing it, I think. It was truly a battle in the style of Team Christina. Runs and notes and belting all over the place. In the end, Cee Lo opts not to pick anyone because they were both good and he doesn't really have to choose someone. Adam said sometimes the performance was a bit much, a gentle dig on Christina, and would choose Joselyn for performance. Blake likes Joselyn's smile, and thinks Sylvia would kick anyone's ass. Then, before we go back to Christina, Cee Lo notes that he would pick Sylvia, to go on the record.

Christina, wishing she had paired one of these girls with Dez so they could annihilate him and she could keep both, eventually chooses Sylvia. She loves to play with fire. But girls like Joselyn don't stay single for long. Adam and Blake push their buttons to Steal, and Carson Daly, who I'd almost been able to ignore until now, pretended to be excited.

If Joselyn is smart, she'll go with Adam, because Blake doesn't really know how to handle singers like her. But is Joselyn smart? It sort of doesn't seem like it. She fishes for some more affirmation, asking them to say what they noticed in her performance tonight that made them push their buttons. Blake wasn't listening, and says, "ah love you." Joselyn says they're both her inspiration, and she looks up to them both. Wisely, she chooses Adam, who is not as old as Blake.

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