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In the end, my verdict is that I don't care about either of them. They both did fine, but I didn't care for the sound or laziness of either's voice. Adam thinks Nicole took it, Cee Lo agrees. Even the girls' families seemed less enthused. Blake goes with Liz because she has the experience and never really lost her breath the way Nicole did. Nicole looks sad. She made one last desperate plea for a steal, and the judges frowned because they are not country people. Nicole cried like a girl on The Bachelor in the hallway, and Blake lumbered after her to say goodbye and good luck.

The next battle is from Team Adam: Alessandra Guercio versus Kayla Nevarez. In case you don't remember, Alessandra is the seventeen-year old who looks 28, and is not appropriate for you to fantasize about. I also think she was on that show The Next Big Thing on Oxygen about that kids' Broadway talent agent? But I'm not sure, because heh heh, who even watched that show? Not me. Kayla is the girl who called her dad with liver cancer "the weakest man in the world."

They ask Adam why they were paired together, and he says he only thinks about creating beautiful performances. That's why he gave them "Wide Awake" by Katy Perry to sing. Kayla sounds better on the song, and is a diamond in the rough. Alessandra is over-polished, and pronounces everything like she has belonged to a children's talent agency in New York for Broadway performers.

In the final rehearsal, Adam tells Kayla that she has a tendency to go sharp, even though he admitted to us in a confessional that she's more of a natural than her competition. Alessandra might as well just bounce on over to Team Christina. Kayla reminds us just before the battle that her dad can't be there because he's sick. This ain't her first time at the sympathy rodeo.

Kayla seems nervous, and Alessandra is just too clean, too rehearsed, too aware of her counts. I don't see either of them winning this whole competition, but I'd probably give this battle to Kayla. The loser is Adam for choosing "Wide Awake," and also for looking so puffy. Why does his face look so cannoli-fed, so un-Levine-esque? Christina and Blake would pick Kayla, because Alessandra is too precise; Cee Lo thinks Alessandra showed a better range.

Adam negs both competitors, just to remind them who's in control of the set. Then, after an awkward Carson joke, Adam chooses Kayla. Alessandra prepares to exit gracefully, but then Christina gives an inordinately long steal speech. It was about being on the Mickey Mouse Club and doing your own thing and deserving to be heard or something. I'm still not sure whose benefit the speech was for. Regardless, Alessandra was incredibly grateful, which was charming.

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