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"You can teach her a lot," Adam says to Christina at her giant chair. Blake agrees it was "so cool." Blake is still in awe of this whole spinning chair thing, and the fact that Cee Lo gets to have a bird sometimes.

In boring battles that got montaged, Ben Taub battled Mycle Wastman from Team Cee Lo, and Mycle won because he wore the most hats (one hat). Team Adam brought Adanna Duru against Michelle Brooks-Thompson, singing some more Beyonce. From what little we saw, I'm pleased it went to Michelle Brooks-Thompson. I'm even more pleased to see that that duo from Team Christina I hate, Beat Frequency, got montaged against Laura Vivas. I bubbled over with joy when Christina gave the win to Laura. Goodbye, Beat Frequency, you really annoyed me.

The next full-length battle comes from Team Cee Lo: Emily Earle versus Mackenzie Bourg. I'm pretty sure Emily Earle got the montage treatment earlier, so we have a lot to learn from her. We know a lot about Mackenzie, who suffered from a life-threatening heart condition and woke up the night before Super Bowl Sunday just in time to watch The Voice. It is a story of triumph, and will probably continue to be for Mackenzie.

Cee Lo assigns Emily and Mackenzie "Good Time" by Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen. The odds are not in Emily's favor here, and we all know Cee Lo stacks the deck. Mackenzie asks what instrument(s) he can play, and Rob Thomas tells him eventually he needs to learn what to do with his hands. Mackenzie doesn't like to hear that because, "I'm always playing some kind of instrument, it's a big part of who I am as a musician." Haha yeah, that guy, you know the one who's always playing some kind of instrument?

Mackenzie and Emily both bring guitars to the final rehearsal, and Cee Lo tells them to spend some time away from their pacifiers. So Mackenzie focused his powers into dressing slightly Amish for the battle.

They're both good in their own way for the "Good Time" battle, but the best part was Mackenzie's over-zealous, Superbowl lovin' dad screaming "YOU DA MAN!" at his son for just totally nailing that Owl City track. Adam tells the duo the battle seemed a bit uncomfortable, Blake tells Mackenzie it seemed squeaky and like Adam, chooses Emily. Christina chooses Mackenzie because she had a Better Time watching him. Mackenzie's family goes wild. Cee Lo, the coach at hand, noticed the awkwardness and probably secretly regrets choosing a lame song. Cee Lo chooses Mackenzie, because he's scared of Mackenzie's dad. Cee Lo? Also "da man."

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