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The Battles Continue, Part 3

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The Battle of Who Could Care Less

In all seriousness, though, I think Devyn is pushing too hard, and Marissaannaassiram is giving the better, more engaging performance. When all is said and done, Cee Lo calls Devyn "cooler," but goes on to rave over MarissaAnn. Adam says he would pick Devyn because it just doesn't matter what he says anymore. Blake says he would pick Marissaann because she's so young and he's amazed.

Christina says Marissaann surprised her, and Devyn came off "less attacking." I wonder if Christina can steal someone back onto their team? Carson? Do you know? Carson, wake up. Stop Ambien-driving. Because she is a fool who doesn't care about winning, Christina chooses Devyn, of the control-top pantyhose dress.

Marissaann starts into her thank you speech, and Blake interrupts Christina's jawing with a button push. Christina thanks Blake, and tells Marissaann she's in good hands.

"Yay, I'm going on to the next round," Marissaann says, showing that she is, in fact, 15. So only Christina has a steal left, and I'm sure she'll waste it on some overly-forceful pop singer from the final battle episode. They're promoting this last episode of battle rounds as having "the battle we've all been waiting for." Then what have we been doing these last couple weeks? Just sitting around with our thumbs up our butts? Pretty much, it would seem.

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