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A Musical Pillow Fight

Christina says she'd go with Michaela, of course, and Cee Lo says he could see Kelly singing something else and shining more. Cee Lo likes both of them, so he chooses no one. His opinion doesn't matter anymore anyway. Adam said it was the cutest thing he'd ever seen, like "a musical pillow fight" and also gave it to no one in particular. Blake agreed that they're the sweetest girls ever, which is what really matters. Blake says Kelly was doing something "that's really going on in country music today," but chooses Michaela. Smart choice, Blake. Christina did not steal.

The final battle of the Battle Rounds comes from Team Cee Lo. Christina still has the final steal, so we know these two are both moving on regardless. Avery Wilson "battles" Chevonne in the over-hyped Battle "Titanium." Avery is sixteen, and a natural talent with natural swag. Chevonne hit the scene toward the end of the auditions, and used to sing background for Lady Gaga. I like both of them. Avery is young and raw, and Chevonne is seasoned and polished. In rehearsals, Chevonne casually and humbly intimidates the shit out of Avery.

Avery is hesitant, cautious, and full of self-doubt. He's perfect for Team Cee Lo. Sure enough, in the final rehearsal, Avery nails all the notes. He's a natural, and Cee Lo will want to nurture him. Chevonne will end up on Team Christina. I'm calling it now. I do think Chevonne could save Team Christina, though, and smack those other young "pop singers" upside the head.

For the battle, Avery and Chevonne both wear studded jackets. Chevonne does that thing that people who are too intense do and jogs in place backstage. This battle is ON(-ish). I don't think this song is great for either of them to show off their vocals, but the synergy is pretty nice. I appreciate that Cee Lo makes his battlers do harmonies. Chevonne puts on a better stage performance than Avery, but Avery can't go home empty-handed with all that talent.

There was a moment when Chevonne was just giving it, and got down on her knees in front of Avery, and Avery just sort of walked by her. That is not going to win him any Grammys. After the battle, Adam says Chevonne had a lot of determination and passion, but Avery "took it hands down." Blake also chooses Avery, for whatever reason. Christina compliments Chevonne's stage presence and her high notes, saying Avery could take a lesson from her. I agree. Christina says she was originally a fan of Avery's, pushing her button for him in the Blinds and all, but Chevonne surprised her.

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