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Florence and the Dance Machine

The next full battle we get to see is between two absolute darlings: Caitlin Michele versus Melanie Martinez on Team Adam. Caitlin will not be allowed to sing Florence and the Machine this time, and Melanie will probably continue to be adorable with her little bi-polar hairstyle. They're singing "Lights" by Ellie Goulding. Good choice, Adam.

Caitlin is so strong and forceful, and Melanie is so gentle and light, this will be an interesting one. Mary J. Blige was really impressed with Melanie, who whispered her way into everyone's hearts. In the rehearsal the day before battle, Melanie started to bother Adam with her lack of focus, and Caitlin also had an off day. Adam and his Cosby cardigan are not having it. They demand excellence, in vocals and knitwear.

So the battle between Florence Welch and Bjork begins, and they could not be more different. Adam was right, the duet worked. But how do you tell who did a better job? Their styles are so different, and neither of them approach notes in an expected way. I would probably give it to Melanie because I'd like her to sing something else, and I think Caitlin is just a Florence sound-alike.

Blake says he can't think of anyone that either of these girls are like, because he doesn't listen to anything except country, so he can't tell who "won." Also, the song didn't tell a story, so he found it hard to follow. Christina thought it was one of the prettiest and most moving performances of the whole "day," but we can already tell she is not pressing that steal button. I wish they would stop using words that indicate the passage of time on this show. Cee Lo likes them both, but loves Melanie. Adam accuses the other coaches of being strategic with their feedback because they want to steal, then warns the other coaches against them with tales of the final rehearsal.

Adam wants them both on his team, and doesn't want anyone stolen. He's being a selfish little boy. Carson asks Adam to choose, because he doesn't get to decide how the show works, so he picks Melanie. Cee Lo and Blake push their buttons to steal Caitlin, and Christina looks away, fanning herself with a new, white fan to match that gaudy grand piano in her rehearsal room. Cee Lo gave it to Melanie originally, but Caitlin was eyeing him all along, and doesn't want to be on Blake's team. Blake doesn't even know who Florence and the Machine are, so there's that. Caitlin says she was really hoping Cee Lo would pick her all along because she's "all about the crazy costumes." Hm, I don't care for her.

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