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Triumph of the Underdogs

The performance is so good it gives me goosebumps. All four coaches stand for the performance, Adam stands on his chair. Blake notes that after the performance, Trevin was sexy. Christina wants in on this action, too. I liked how Adam called Cee Lo a stupid idiot for pitting them against each other, and Cee Lo admits it was a strategy with a bias towards Trevin that didn't pay off.

The judges wait for Cee Lo's decision, with their hands poised above their buttons for the steal. Cee Lo chooses Trevin because he wants to be a part of his journey. Amanda is so polished. I think that was the right decision. The coaches punch their buttons for Amanda, and Trevin cheers from the aisles. After many passionate pleas, and a compliment from Adam to Christina as a fading great, Amanda Brown joins Team Adam.

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