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Blake puts Charlotte Sometimes (the Jersey girl with the disintegrating jaw) and Lex Land (the super nervous camp counselor) on Foster the People's "Pumped Up Kicks." What an odd choice. Don't get me wrong, I like that overplayed song as much as the next person, it's just not very vocally showy. It's almost monotone. Blake reveals his process for putting these girls together, simply because he liked their personalities together. Because that makes any sense at all, Blake. Come on, you are supposed to be the smart one here.

Right out of the gate the young but outspoken Charlotte steam rolls Lex, claiming the first verse. She tries to cushion it by saying that Lex is more talented (that remains to be seen) and has better boobs (this is quite true). Blake is noticeably embarrassed by this Jersey girl and does his best to crawl under the piano. Thankfully the guy behind the keyboard gets the rehearsal back on track before it is totally derailed by Charlotte's comments. Lex barely says anything and looks like she might cry. I'd feel bad for her, except Charlotte is talking about wanting Lex to shine, and this is a competition, so Lex needs to step it up.

Charlotte is delighted to meet Kelly Clarkson, and compliments Blake's shirt. She brings belts to a song, and Kelly advises that maybe she shouldn't bring too much to it as it might completely take over the stage and not allow Lex to get a note in edgewise. Kelly seems to like Charlotte's spitfire attitude, and I'll admit that the girl is kind of growing on me. Though it causes me a great deal of pain to restrain myself from making a million "sometimes" puns about her last name. Lex seems much more comfortable in her one-on-two with Blake and Miranda. She is singing very high and giggles at the end instead of singing. I like Lex's '50s style and she's quite adorable in a less flashy way.

Lex has to do the stupid car commercial with the Miranda Lambert voice message of the week. Poor girl, she just looks so uncomfortable. Charlotte says she wants to "win, win, win, win." Gee, really, you think she wants to win? I'm not sure she mentioned it enough times. On battle night, Lex says she's not just battling Charlotte but also herself. She seems more concerned about not psyching herself out, but she might want to worry a little more about Charlotte.

Up on stage, Charlotte immediately starts in with the booty popping (that mom on Jersey Couture would be so proud... though this dress isn't nearly revealing enough for her tastes). Lex is in a lovely beaded dress and has an updo, she sings in a breathy way but makes some interesting choices with the notes. Charlotte is indeed overpowering, but does a lot of jokey heavily accented growls along the way. Christina says that Lex has a sexy airy voice, and Charlotte is sassy and comfortable. She doesn't actually pick anyone, because she's like that. Cee Lo finds Charlotte's attitude sexy. Adam likes that Lex opened up more as the song went along. Blake likes Lex's whispery voice with surprising runs and Charlotte is sassy. He picks Charlotte because Lex had a couple of pitch issues earlier on. I am actually inclined to agree with him here, much as I can't stand her stupid growling. Lex looks massively disappointed and gives Blake a half-hearted hug. She blames Charlotte for being an attention hog. She's not wrong. If she were up against anyone else, her voice probably would have skated by.

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