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Whitney is all adorably awkward about meeting Alanis, who she has liked since she was nine. And now I feel about a hundred. I might like Whitney more if she cut the stupid feather extension out of her Little Orphan Annie hair. Alanis thinks she's cutting words off instead of holding them out. Whitney is more worried about how to out-sing Kim instead of connecting to the words. Oh, I love how Alanis says "without" all Canadian like. Withoot. Adorbs. Kim is all hot and bothered by Robin Thicke, and she belts it out for him. Robin thinks that this song calls for more tension, and says that Mary J. Blige sings like she's on the edge of a cliff and Kim needs to find that desperation.

Whitney goes for a faux hawk with the feather extension hanging down, while Kim looks more restrained. They both have great voices, I just prefer the deep tones of Kim's, though Whitney's is probably more current and marketable. Blake thought it was awesome and says it was like a diva concert, and he's flabbergasted and can't pick, so he chooses Carson. Christina's no help either. Cee Lo thinks this song is for a grown woman, so he goes with Kim. Kudos to Cee Lo for actually picking someone. Adam waffles and thinks they handled it commendably, and eventually goes with obvious choice Kim. Again, Whitney has a right to be pissed here, but she gracefully exits with some kind words about her competition.

Shut up, Christina Milian.

Lee Koch (the baker who'd like to get out of the kitchen and onto a stage) and Lindsey Pavao (who memorably auditioned with that Trey Songz cover) are doing Nirvana's "Heart-Shaped Box" to compete for Christina's attention. In rehearsals, Lindsey jumps right in, but Lee's out of it and admits that he hasn't heard the song in a decade. Lindsey isn't shy about expressing her surprise, but Lee thinks that just because Nirvana is one of Lindsey's favorite bands she shouldn't count him out. I actually think that Lindsey is probably one of my favorites on this whole show, but she seems like one of those people who are really annoying to be around. Like disparaging people for not being completely obsessed with a band, but also thinking that they lyrics speak only to her and no one else can understand how much it means to her, even though she was probably about two when Kurt Cobain was still alive. Christina just advises her to figure out which option she's going to go with, so she doesn't pick the wrong one on the big night.

Lee looks tortured as he sings for Jewel. She looks like she has a stomachache from listening to him. He's not connecting with the song, selling the lyrics or delivering the lyrics in an understandable way. Lindsey fakes being delighted to meet Lionel Richie. Christina and Lionel are trying to teach her how to perform instead of looking down at the floor all the time.

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