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Battle time! I predict that Lindsey will eat Lee alive. OMG, she looks fantastic in a cute little black dress. They both look very tasteful... a rarity on this show. Lee works on enunciating each word so you can understand what he's saying, which was Jewel's biggest complaint. Lindsey just has a gorgeous range and I can't help but think of Fiona Apple again. Maybe the two gals can compete on how many words they can put in their album titles. Overall though, while I liked Lindsey's runs, this battle was mind-numbingly boring as it was so quiet and soft, which is something that I don't normally associate with Nirvana. I'd like a little more power and passion from either of them. Cee Lo goes with Lee because the lighting designers made him look like Jesus. Adam also goes with Lee for the delightfully creepy. Blake has never heard the song and would have picked "Monster Mash" for creepy. Blake, I want to like you, but stop saying stupid shit like that on national television. Adam hangs his head in shame. Blake picks Lindsey. Christina says she's a fan of both of them, and loves that they listened to her advice, but goes with Lindsey. This one was a no-brainer. Sorry, Lee. Baking is a noble profession. Bread is so delicious. Man, I miss carbs. You think while he and his wife are travelling the country he'll come visit me and make me some bread? I'd promise not to force feed him the entire Nirvana collection while he's doing it,

Cee Lo plucks Jamar Rogers (the HIV positive former drug-addict and big Cee Lo fan) and Jamie Lono (the charmingly adorkable sandwich maker) for his next face off. The two fast friends are doing Foreigner's "I Wanna Know What Love Is." This little bromance between them is so sweet, and Jamie's voice cracked during rehearsal and he looks crushed. Babyface helps Jamie through the weaker points, by advising him to be confident and relax. They sit him down and tell him to believe in himself. I just want to give this kid a hug. Cee Lo tells Jamie that there are way less talented people on the radio right now, and Jamie should trust his talent. Preach, Cee Lo. Let's go for an Auto-Tune-free world. Then again, Auto-Tune would clean up that pesky cracking problem in about two seconds flat.

Jamar is all smiles when he gets to meet Ne-Yo. Jamar's enthusiasm is so appealing; he's even thrilled to rehearse in a duet with Cee Lo. Ne-Yo advises that Jamar should worry more about the emotions and less about perfection. I'm actually torn between these two, because neither is clearly a jerk or outright sucks.

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