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Blake pits Gwen Sebastian (the country singer who has decided to pursue her music dreams instead of having kids) against Erin Willett (has a powerhouse voice and an ailing dad) on "We Belong." Man, I loved that song so much when I was younger. I might have been a tad obsessed with Pat Benatar for a while. They both have fun singing together, and they seem to genuinely like each other. Gwen giddily hugs Miranda Lambert, and after she composes herself she sings. Gwen worries that Erin has a louder voice that will overwhelm hers. Miranda likes that Gwen is courteous about her duet/battle partner. Erin gets tips from Kelly Clarkson (have I mentioned lately how just sweetly eager Kelly is on this show?), mostly that she should go for some falsetto, even if it has a scratchy break in it.

Some random time later, Blake meets with Erin who has just found out that her dad's terminal illness is rapidly reaching its end. He wants her to stay and compete on the show. Blake says that she deserves to do this show. There are a lot of tears. I'm trying to remain heartlessly detached; it's the only way to get through these shows. If I get invested, it's all downhill. Still, this is going to make Blake's decision suck.

As Carson announces the match-up, he says that Erin's dedicating her performance to her father, which seems like a manipulative thing to say in front of the audience and the judges. They are both pretty good, but they sound better when they are harmonizing. Perhaps they can pull an X Factor and just make a mediocre vocal duo out of them. Christina likes them both, and stylistically likes Erin. Cee Lo appreciates that they are both very different, and said that Gwen won him over. Adam's torn, but leans towards Erin. Blake is duly impressed by his two singers, and wishes that it wasn't so good because it makes it harder on him. He eventually goes with Erin. I think Gwen got shafted because of Erin's personal life. Still, Gwen is very appreciative of all the judges and coaching she's received. She also is really supportive of Erin.

After Erin is congratulated by her friends, there's an end title card that says the episode was in memory of Chuck Willett. Damn it. That almost made me well up a little bit. I hate when reality shows make me have feelings.

Next week, Adam has two spots open, Blake has one, Christina has one and Cee Lo has two. All I know is that means next week I get some Tony Vincent action. FINALLY.

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