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The Best of the Blind Auditions

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The Blind Auditions Happened, Did You Know?

Nicholas David, 31, Egan, MN
Diego Val, 25, Lima, Peru
Cody Belew, 27, Beebe, AR
Avery Wilson, 16, Hamden, CT
Mycle Wastman, 40, Seattle, WA
Domo, 26, Bronx, NY
Trevin Hunte, 18, Queens, NY

Cee Lo thinks S3 is his season. The cockatoo doesn't seem to agree.

Time for Team Christina.

Adriana Louise, 22, Brooklyn, NY (all four judges rang in)

Christina's like, "You and me, girl, what else could you be thinking?" Everyone else tries to get around this argument, to no avail.

De'borah, 25, Chicago Heights, IL
Joselyn Rivera, 17, Pembroke Pines, FL
Devyn Delora, 20, Snyder, TX
Marissaann, 15, Long Island, NY

Christina is a fierce competitor, according to the other judges. I never doubted it, but sure, play "Fighter" to drive home the point.

Last season, Christina apparently had non-buyer's remorse about passing on Dez Duron (22, Shreveport, LA). But he came back for Season 3... and despite singing a boring song, Blake rang in for him, totally recognized him (probably having been told in advance) and tried not to get Christina to ring in, but she did (as did Cee Lo). Christina of course had a leg up from her comments from last year, and Dez went with her.

Christina tells us that she definitely picked a lot of pop artists this year, as opposed to the hip-hop crews she no doubt fielded in years past. Here's the rest of her team (other than the total losers who didn't make the show):

Sylvia Yacoub, 19, Muskegon, MI
Kelly's Echo, 32, Baltimore, MD
Paulina, 16, Sugarland, TX
Laura Vivas, 33, West Palm Beach, FL
Celica Westbrook, 16, Franklin, TN

There's a "never-before-seen" backstage segment here. It's barely seen here, as it starts at the 57-minute mark AND they still have to explain the "steal" twist. Blake gives Adam a shoulder massage, Christina consents to sit with the rest of them for about 30 seconds before running to her trailer, I'd imagine, and the rest of them are freaked out by Cee Lo's bird. Oh, and Adam does impressions, and his Cee Lo is better than his Blake, surprisingly. Okay, that was painless enough, I guess.

Next week, the Battle Round! And I don't know if this has been mentioned (probably yes), but this season, when a coach lets an artist go, one of the other coaches can steal him or her away. Not sure exactly how it works, but button-abuse definitely seems to be a central factor.

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