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We're back to office worker Katrina Parker who has picked up her parents, and she shares her sob story about how she couldn't sing because of her house filled with mold. She claims she's better now. She does "One of Us" and she actually has a pretty voice and I give the judges a week before they saddle her with an Adele song. Well, Adam, since he's the only one who turns his chair. I think because it was a weird song choice, no offense to Joan Osborne, but this tune lacks big power notes that you'd want for an audition piece. Cee Lo hits on her, without moving a muscle in his body, which is quite a talent, if you think about it. Adam gloats.

Geoff McBride is a 51-year-old father of three, who wears sunglasses because of an eye injury he got when he was kickboxing as a teenager. Who is he, Lloyd Dobler? Sport of the future! Geoff is doing this for his father who passed away, which is nice, but I'm over the sob stories tonight. He does "Higher Ground" and he's good, but he's no Stevie. He wanders all around the studio and very close to the judge's chairs, which seems like it should be against the rules, as they could probably see him out of their peripheral vision. Well, not Cee Lo, those glasses would block any thing out. Christina and Cee Lo push their buttons (which really sounds wrong the more times they say it on this show) and they fight over who has more soul. Geoff wonders why Cee Lo waited until the end of the song, and Cee Lo gives the biggest non-answer ever. Geoff picks Christina, and Cee Lo manages to shake his head.

Erin Martin is 27 (if you go by the screen), 28 if you go by Carson, and she's rather stunning. Though she has her hair in a giant Mohawk thing with a sparkly headband. It's ... a look. She calls it Egyptian Warrior Princess, with bonus sparkly bedazzled fishnets (ok, I'm kind of jealous of those). She informs us she's met with labels and they they've told her that she needs some work. That's not really a ringing endorsement. She sings "Hey There Delilah" and she has a little folky voice. Blake and Cee Lo eagerly turn around, and they are instantly smitten. Cee Lo tells her he likes her unique strange voice, and thinks she belongs with him. Blake loves her special sound. Adam said that he was confused by her, but now he's kicking himself. It's a good thing Steven Tyler isn't here; he'd have really sexually harassed her by now. As it is, she's joining Team Cee Lo, and I don't think I've ever seen him jump up so quickly to hug a contestant. He's practically giddy while petting that fluffy kitten of his. I wish the cat would sit in the chair with him, and not just be in the interviews.

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