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James Massone hates his job working in his dad's garage, but it's the family business. He's the Boston version of Finn Hudson, with even uglier hair. He tells his sob story, which is about some friends who were shot in a recording studio, and he and his brother were supposed to be there and weren't. He feels lucky. And he's doing "Find Your Love" in a very Disney Channel/Kidz Bop kind of way. I'm sure there's a 12-year-old out there who will love this kid, but his voice is super weak and lacks any remarkable qualities at all. The judges must think they've landed on the next Bieber, because all but Adam turn around. They are shocked at how young he looks, but he's 23. Adam was shocked to find out that he's white, and didn't turn around because he didn't feel like fighting with everyone. Lazy. He's beside himself and on the verge of tears as he picks Cee Lo. Cee Lo is smiling, but less quick to get out of his chair than he was when Erin joined his team.

Carson has left the building again to go to a bowling alley to give Winter Rae, a funky bartender/bowling shoe cleaner, her invite to the show. She says that people think she's a rock star, because of her half-shaved blue head of hair and her multiple tattoos, but she likes to sing R&B music. She's friends with Perez Hilton, and he's backstage to support her. Can only imagine how much he'll be plugging this on his blog now. She does "Take a Bow" and growls it a bit, and no one turns around for her. OK, maybe Perez doesn't have to pimp for votes now. Adam talks about how rejection is a good thing, and she shouldn't give up. Blake just likes her cool hair.

Chris Cauley is from Georgia, and has brought his very cute wife. His grandma was a bluegrass musician, and he uses a product placed phone to show Carson a video of her performing. He does "Grenade" in an even more mellow way, if that's possible. It's very pleasing and has range, but he's putting me to sleep. The judges refer to this lullaby style as "smooth." He asks Cee Lo and Adam to arm wrestle, but Adam defers to Cee Lo's strength. Still, Chris decides to join Team Adam. I did learn from Adam's tweet that pops up that he'd like to arm wrestle Cee Lo's cat instead, and that said cat has a Twitter of his own (@Purrfectthecat). Following now. Obviously.

We see some rapid fire footage of contestants who only had one judge spin around, so no fights to be had. It also means that these singers are largely forgettable. There's preppy little Nathan Parrett who does "The Joker" and lands on Team Adam; rocker Brian Fuente who looks like a mix of Jared Leto and Bradley Cooper who winds up on Team Blake; and rapper Moses Stone who idiotically picks "Let's Get It Started" as his audition song and should consider himself lucky for being selected for Team Christina.

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