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The Blind Auditions, Part 3

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Maybe I'm Amazed?

Going into our last audition, we have a rehash of the rest of the night, which is unnecessary, and mostly focuses on the judges bickering. Jordis Unga is the product of a Tongan father and a Swedish mom. She's got amazing skin. Carson talks a lot to Jordis's parents, and I can't help but stare at Winter Rae's hair in the background. We finally hear from Jordis and she says she was in a punk rock band and a pop band, but now she's just hoping someone turns around for her. (Not mentioned: her stint on CBS's Rock Star: INXS.) She does "Maybe I'm Amazed," and Adam sings along and plays air piano. She tends to do squats a lot while singing, but she does have a great voice. After all is said and done, Adam's the only one who doesn't turn around, perhaps he was too busy karaokeing to press the button. His excuse is mostly that the end of the song snuck up on him. Christina doesn't care about Adam, and likes her raspy voice. Cee Lo likes that she's wearing red and black, which are his team colors (and not just the colors that the entire show uses). Blake was the first to press his button, and reminds her that Dia from last year is on tour with him. Christina says she has no life and Blake and Cee Lo have tours to deal with. She eventually goes with Blake instead. Jordis's parents are highly enthusiastic backstage. I'm doing a happy dance of my own because this episode is over.

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