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The Blind Auditions, Part 4

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To live up to his father's legacy and his own quirky glasses, Will chooses Adam as his coach. Adam compares Will to last season's finalist Michelle Chamuel and uhhhhh no, not all people with glasses are the same. I wish I had been keeping track of Adam's beard growth to guess at when each audition really took place on the timeline.

The next artist to audition is Macey Estes, who Carson says is "ready to make a change." Is she looking to move from a life of singing to a different life of singing? From not making much money to making possibly less money? Macey loves "hip-hop dancing" and wants to sing pop and maybe even rap. This blind audition could go either way, since no one will be able to see her exposed midriff. Macey really wants Christina as a coach and I would love to see that turn into an All About Eve type of thing.

Blake and Adam mouth across the chairs at each other that Macey sounds young. The coaches mime consideration of a button push, but no one makes the move. I'm proud of Macey for not trying to carry her last note out in a last ditch effort to get a chair turn. Adam tells Macey that she is full of potential but it's not all there. Christina is like, "you had a lot of this," and sings an example, "but I was looking for this," then sings an even better example and Macey tries to smile. They have Macey rap for them and pretend to like it. I feel relieved when the whole thing ends, because social niceties make me uncomfortable on TV.

The next contestant is Stephanie Anne Johnson of Tacoma, Washington. Stephanie Anne Johnson wisely brought her awesome grandma, Freddie Mae. They both seem like badass ladies. Stephanie got a job living and singing on an Alaskan cruise ship. God, what misery. Even the people who knew they were being filmed didn't look happy to be there. They were all, "when is the next excursion? I want craaaaab."

Stephanie doesn't deserve to be treated that way by those shitty cruise people. I'm glad she's breaking out and I hope she gets at least two chair turns, based on her story and grandmother alone.

Stephanie auditions with "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" by KT Tunstall. By the second line, Cee Lo is into it. Come on, coaches, turn those chairs for all the cruise workers you've never tipped. Cee Lo and Christina turn their chairs and Stephanie brings the performance home for them. She is so cute and cool. Stephanie says she wants to do Indie/Soul music, so this one is for Cee Lo. Even though Christina made it about her a little, Adam gets things back on track and Stephanie Anne Johnson chooses Christina after all. Whaaaaaaaaat?

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