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The Blind Auditions, Part 4

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Blake only needs four more artists, and he sits around playing with his fingers to demonstrate electricity. Don't make me hate you, Blake. You are often the voice of reason....

But I can't care about that because Tony Vincent is on this show. Excuse me while I turn into a Broadway squealing fangirl over here for a little while. I saw him as Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar a decade ago and he was absolutely amazing. I'm not going to embarrass myself further by admitting as to how many times I went back to see him do that performance, so let's just leave it at that. And let's not even talk about how many times I saw him in Rent... I mean, I saw that show like once a week during that time period, and it wasn't just for him. JCS on the other hand... Anyway, now that I've caught my breath, I can recap again and I'll be objective... ish. He looks still attractive and has his head shaved, and he talks about doing We Will Rock You and American Idiot. He actually has a cute little pregnant wife, who he met doing We Will Rock You. He picked this show because he likes that it has vocal integrity, and he'd like to do something pop-rock instead of Broadway.

Naturally, he sings Queen's "We Are the Champions." You'd think he'd be sick of singing this show after years of doing We Will Rock You. Only Cee Lo turns around, and he immediately starts yelling at the other judges for going deaf. Cee Lo wants to know how Tony thinks he did, and he gets all cocky about it. I normally don't like that sort of thing, but I'm way too busy debating if it is too late to call my dad and talk about this, as he also really enjoyed Tony in JCS (I might have dragged him once or twice) and always asks me what happened to him.

Anthony Evans is also a very attractive bald man, with the added bonus that he's the son of a preacher man. For real! His dad is Dr. Tony Evans who runs a huge Christian congregation. He's had a hard time being defined just as a gospel act, and though he's toured for years, this is his biggest venue and he's thrilled. He does "What's Going On" and its pretty great. Only Christina spins around for him, which is weird. Cee Lo says that he felt the sensitivity in Anthony's voice, but didn't want to fight with Xtina. Blake says that he begged Christina to take him, but she's stubborn and waited.

There's a Jamie Lono, who works at one of those Potbelly sandwich shops. I haven't been treated to one of these delightful things yet, but my boss raves about them constantly. And now I'm hungry. He gets to sing at the store during some quiet times, and his manager excitedly gives him his voice performance. When he was a little kid, he was super sick and had pneumonia and bankrupted his family with bills and whatnot. Do you have to have a tragic illness or sad death in your family to get on this show? He does a pretty solid rendition of "Folsom Prison Blues," and gets Cee Lo and Adam to pick him. He's so excited, and mentions that he makes sandwiches for a living. Cee Lo eats sandwiches, so he thinks they are a fit. Adam wants to help him never make sandwiches again. This kid is absolutely adorable, and has nice polite manners. I just want to hug him. I'd really like to watch a battle round between him and X Factor's Burrito Guy Josh Krajcik. Eventually he picks Cee Lo, so you know he's going to be stuck making sandwiches for as part of paying his dues.

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