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The Blind Auditions, Part 5

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Now Blake and Cee Lo have one spot each and Christina has one. Lee Koch pronounces his last name "Cook" but he's actually a baker -- Whaaaa? Also, he thinks baking sucks compared to music.

Playing "Like a Rolling Stone," complete with the Bob Dylan harmonica piece, Lee isn't terrible but it's a little too cheerful for me. Maybe it's the bowler hat? Christina is not impressed. He sounds weirdly old timey, like a gold prospector or something. I love this song but this is a truly terrible cover -- and yes Christina turns around when he starts PLAYING HARMONICA! That's not even a voice! Does this mean he can only sing in harmonica now? This show and its weird rules.

So yeah, Christina admits she was peer-pressured in to picking him. She says the harmonica sold it, and Adam pretends that he would've pressed his button if he had the chance. Go away, Lee we don't care about your stupid day job.

Three open spots left. R&B singer Wade, an 18-year-old from Alabama, who I at first thought was blind because of the way his grandmother and godmother were escorting him... and no, I'm not gonna make a joke about his short-sleeve purple shirt-purple tie-vest combo and how blind people have no fashion sense!

So Wade's singing an odd interpretation of "Rehab." It's throaty and he's trying to demonstrate his range but it's just not working. I think this would be more fun if Adam can see, since his team's already full. Mix it up a bit. Cee Lo joyfully turns around, and it doesn't look like he's going to have any competition.

Blake says he's fun and Adam has the privilege of pulling the "My team's full" card. Christina says she likes his twists and does an amazing three-second impression that has more energy and talent than any of the singers we've seen so far on the duration of this entire show has demonstrated. Cee Lo gets real about Amy Winehouse as @PurrfectTheCat sends a celebratory tweet.

Cee Lo's team is now all set: Cool Beatles singer Juliet Simms, Jamar Rogers, "not Black" James Massone, Sarah Golden, hottie Angie Johnson, dorky Jamie Lono, "meh" Erin Martin, Justin Hopkins, The Shields Brothers (shudder), our beloved Broadway baby Tony Vincent, Cheesa and now Wade.

Blake and Christina and waiting for one person each. Adley Stump is a 22-year-old country singer who will probably be on Blake's team. She's wearing an ENORMOUS headband. She used to sing her ABC's for Skittles when she was two-year-old and on the toilet. Simpler times.

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