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Melanie's performance of "Bulletproof" by La Roux is first, and she stripped it down to an acoustic level. She performs it floaty and ethereal, like we know her to do. I'm not sure why she's battling Sam here. Sam is darling, stealing a glance at Adam as he sings "Memphis" the first time. But Melanie, not to be out-darling-ed, tears up during Sam's performance from the stool.

Blake, whose opinion doesn't matter and knows it, chooses Sam. Christina chooses Melanie, Cee Lo says nothing, apparently. Adam says Melanie was too breathy from nerves, and Sam needs to push himself out of that comfort zone. Accordingly, Melanie is obviously the winner. Bye, Sam, you are so adorable.

So now, going into the live shows, Team Adam is Joselyn, Bryan, Amanda, Lauren, and Melanie. A pretty good weeding-out by Adam Levine, there.

Team Cee Lo faces the vocal Slap-Chop next. No saves, no steals, no second chances. Avery Wilson will take on Cody Belew first, and I feel like this will go to Avery. I'm not sure what I think of Avery yet, though. He might be an idiot. He's singing Chris Brown, for starters, and dancing at the same time to give the competition some energy. Cee Lo says Avery's lack of focus could be a liability.

Cody beat out Domo, and a grateful nation thanks him. Now, he's singing "Jolene" and I'm thrilled about it. Cee Lo recommends giving it the proper attitude and gravitas.

Avery sings first, with Chris Brown's "Yeah 3x." What a stupid song. It is by far his worst performance on this show so far. The pitch is at once everywhere and nowhere. Avery is dancing, and confusing the hell out of us. Not Avery's finest moment. Next, Cody sings a haunting, passionate rendition of "Jolene." I am far more moved by Cody than by Avery bumping and grinding to Chris Brown. Haha, "bumping and grinding"? At least I didn't call it "freak dancing."

My vote, which matters least of all, goes to Cody. Adam says Cody is shining through as a unique artist and won it; Blake would also give it to Cody. Christina "still really appreciated" Avery's effort. Cee Lo reminds Avery that this is a singing competition, then chooses Cody. Avery realizes that he may have messed up, but thanks Cee Lo for being more than a coach. Cee Lo tells Avery to call him, and I hope they have a way of doing that.

The second Team Cee Lo pairing is Mackenzie Bourg versus Daniel Rosa. Daniel Rosa looks immediately intimidated, or maybe that's just a default reaction. Mackenzie chose "Call Me Maybe" to twist and turn into a dad-pleasing indie cover. Mackenzie is a weirdo, but better the weirdo you know. Daniel Rosa is singing "Back to December" by Taylor Swift to show off his "sweet, sensitive" side. I do not see this going well for sweet, sensitive Daniel.

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