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The Quarter Quell

Nicholas, as ever, is a delight to listen to. He feels everything so deeply, and had fun with it this time, too. It looks like he finally found some clothes that fit better this time, too. Mycle looks unabashedly worried from his little chair. Cee Lo calls Nicholas "a natural mystic," and chooses Nicholas, of course. He's a dream and a vision.

The final pairing, and who cares really, is Diego Val and Caitlin Michele. I like Diego, and I don't like Caitlin, who was excited to land on Cee Lo's team for the costumes. Diego chooses "Are You Gonna Go My Way" by Lenny Kravitz, and Caitlin chooses that Evanescence song. I think she messes up the words in her performance, and that suspicion is bolstered by a quick cut to Christina right after she does. Diego is fine, too, but neither performance/human excites me the way the last two pairings did. Caitlin risks being too much of a sound-alike, and Diego needs to find pants that fit. Cee Lo chooses Diego, officially negating both of his steals, and forming a team of all dudes.

Team Cee Lo is Cody, Mackenzie, Trevin, Nicholas, and Diego, and while none of them are chicks, they are all winners. Plus Christina's got enough chicks on her team.

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