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Knocked Out and About

Cesar's performance of the Biebs is outfitted correctly, but Julio is relatively boring as a performer. He doesn't have the steel in his eyes; he doesn't seem present. Marissaann is giving it, though. There's more fire, a little more to prove, and the hair is high, which we know Blake likes. It's disappointing that Christina's part of "Lady Marmalade" is skipped over in this arrangement, but Marissaann still proved superior to Julio at the very least.

Blake says he knows the right thing to do, and chooses Julio because he has invested in him more. So the Steal isn't working out so good as a pillar of hope.

Cassadee Pope and Suzanna Choffel are the final knockout pairing of the season. I much prefer Suzanna, but I remember all the judges going crazy over Cassadee. She is singing "Payphone" by Maroon 5. Suzanna, often a sound-alike, chose "Could You Be Loved" by Bob Marley to prove that she doesn't sound like every artist she sings.

Cassadee kicks off the fight, and seems nervous and shifty. She looks nervously over to Adam, and struggles with the pitch. Adam, meanwhile, closes his eyes and tries to re-discover faith in his own song. He looks stoned, which sets him up nicely for Suzanna's Bob Marley cover. Suzanna confidently dominates the stage and Cassadee looks on in the corner.

Christina, ready for a nap, compliments both singers. Adam likes Suzanna, but also likes his own song. Blake thinks Suzanna's song choice hurt her, being too laid back, and chooses Cassadee. I disagree with this.

"I'm ready to win America over!" Cassadee says through her nose. Noooo... end this now. So, what's left of Team Blake is Liz, Terry, Michaela, Julio, and Cassadee. Now they will face their greatest enemy of all: themselves.

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