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Team Usher and Team Adam sing "Don't You Worry Child" next, with about the same level of enthusiasm offered by Teams Shakira and Blake. Judith is probably the winner of this one and every one. Sarah Simmons seems uncomfortable and not all there, maybe because she only has a long billowy skirt instead of a full caftan to shroud herself in. It also seems like she didn't know where she was supposed to be. Josiah's cheeky grin distracts everyone from the minor details of choreography.

Team Usher gets their results next. I'd like to see Cathia go home from this bunch. America likes Michelle Chamuel first and foremost and then Vedo. Yeah, we do like Vedo. I like him even more after his celebratory jump into the air. I'm glad America doesn't like Cathia or Josiah either. Good move, phone voters.

Shakira looks stunned and worried. Usher claims he did not see this coming. Has he been living in the monkey house for that long? Usher saves Josiah for now, probably just because Cathia is difficult. Cathia thanks Usher briefly, and then says she's glad she sang both of her songs in Spanish and she's only 19 -- can you believe her? Cathia can't believe herself!

Adam has the hardest decision of the night, which is why he has been saved for last. I hope there's enough time left in the evening. Cathia sure did talk a lot. America voted a lot for Judith Hill. Judith seems really surprised and that seems sincere, which makes me like her even more. She's just the best, you guys. I feel like it would be cool to be friends with her.

America also chose to see Amber Carrington some more. Adam gives a quick eyebrow raise to his fellow coaches, probably to say this is not a shock to him? "A-Team" from Caroline Glaser and "Angel" by Sarah Simmons did not do so well with this crowd. I'm sure they each got more votes than Shakira's team combined, though. Caroline looks very worried standing next to Sarah, who is a coach favorite. Adam listens to himself talk about meditating for a while.

Carson tells Adam they're offline in less than a minute, the credits start rolling, Adam keeps talking. It is the most stressful time of my day. Oh my god, Adam, stop talking and just pick Sarah. He fills the room with a little more hot air, and then Mu finally chooses Sarah. Caroline doesn't even get to say anything. At least Adam got to talk, though, right?

So, we have a Top 12 and I wouldn't be surprised if the bottom-dwellers were the same next week. There are a couple people we could stand to lose before things get really interesting.

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