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Terry McDermott, of Team Blake, sings next. He is great. This week, he's singing "Don't Stop Believin'," which Blake believes is not current or cool these days. Blake, you could not be more wrong. This song is the ultimate coolest. Terry is one of the few members of Team Blake who I think has a shot at winning. He is good, and he seems like a cool guy, humoring Blake with this "irrelevant" Journey song. Terry is good, and the coaches agree. Moving forward.

Next from Team Adam is Melanie Martinez. She is the one with two-toned hair. She chose "Hit the Road, Jack" by Ray Charles. It might be too sassy for sweet Melanie. She is impossibly darling, though, and makes the song incredibly catchy. I wasn't sure about Melanie before, but this performance made me a fan. Adam is just sitting there with his eyes closed, enjoying this performance like that weird mom at a high school band concert.

Blake tells her it's charming that "you're jest not that innerested in fitting in!" Then, Christina tells her it was pitchy and she was not big on the arrangement. She is feeling grumpy without that fan. Also, fuck you, Christina, for saying something so annoying like "I'm very attached to the original." Adam agrees that it was a bit nerve-y at the beginning, but is ultimately proud of Melanie. Cee Lo just doesn't get to say much tonight, because he looks too funny.

Liz Davis, the country singer, sings next. I'm not sure she'll be "the one" to win this for Team Country. This week she's singing a ballad by Martina McBride. Think about how many country artists started out in this thing, and now Liz Davis is Blake's country pony. Liz stomps around the stage in a beaded gown, and she's selling it except in the eyes, which dart around nervously on occasion. This performance is wearing me out.

Cee Lo says the performance made him proud to be an American. Blake draws a correlation, yet again, between this show and the election. Blake compliments Liz, and she cries, but maybe just with relief that it's over. I'm relieved.

Oh Jesus, more Christina Milian. She's filling us in on the latest Voice-related tweets. It's what the world is talking about, peeps.

Cassadee Pope, of Team Blake, has way too many feathers in her hair. Or really, the feathers are just far too large. I do not like her; I think her vibrato is too frantic. Of course, Cassadee is singing "My Happy Ending" by Avril Lavigne. Did Blake choose this? Back to Cassadee and her obscenely large hair feathers. I think this song choice was a misstep for her--it's too obvious and not different or new enough. This is probably the best Cassadee's voice has sounded yet, though.

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