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Christina gets mean with her feedback again, telling Cassadee that she didn't quite hit the notes and needs to own it more. Of course, everyone else on the panel who ate breakfast thinks Cassadee is great.

"Rocker" Bryan Keith is up next from Team Blake. Bryan is terrible at choosing songs, so this time he chose "Iris." Bryan: STOP. You need to get more than the first three "NOW: That's What I Call Music" CDs. I am bored with Bryan Keith, and I kind of feel like Bryan Keith is bored with Bryan Keith. His movement on stage doesn't exactly say "I'm happy to be here."

Christina tells Bryan she could really tell that he was loving it. Yeah, he really loves shitty rock ballads, and you can tell. Adam says Bryan is great and he had to do very little as his coach. Adam says Bryan had the soul and the spirit, and was locked into the crowd. I must just be adjusting to Standard Time.

Michaela Paige is the youngest person left in this competition. I like her, but I don't think Blake will be the best coach for her. He only has things to say about her hair and socks. She chose "Everybody Talks" by Neon Trees. The performance is cute, and has good energy behind it, but I think Blake and I are too distracted by all that look. Cee Lo calls it the best performance of the night (so far). Oh look, Christina does have a fan. This one is a pink, feathered one that she probably picked up when she and Cee Lo went to Party City.

Blake reminds Michaela that he is the only person who turned around, which seems to sober her up a bit. Don't worry, he doesn't know what he's saying. Neither does Christina Milian.

Julio Cesar Castillo sings next, and I wish he would hurry up and get eliminated. Julio is going back to his mariachi roots, so that's one more thing to make this show seem twice as long. It's even weirder that Julio is dressed like a Mexican vampire. I do not know how to judge this performance, and I guess I'm glad it's not my job. The crowd went wild, because the coaches did, I guess.

"Obviously a fan favorite so far," Carson says boldly, then hands it over to Christina who says he made "all the Latino people out there so proud." Not that Christina is proud to be Latina anymore, but I guess she snuck a "we" in there. Blake is happy that everyone else liked this thing he did not understand at all.

The New York wedding singer we don't know at all, Lauren Allred, still has something to prove to Adam. Lauren chose "All Around the World" from her wedding repertoire. I don't think this song was a good choice, nor was that dress. But this is coming from the team of old hole-shirt Adam, so ... Lauren seems nice enough, but this performance needs a breakout moment and it isn't quite there. Adam pretends it happened, though.

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